AEL : Applied European Languages (Anglais-Espagnol)

AEL : Applied European Languages (Anglais-Espagnol/English-Spanish)


Originally, the AEL program was born out of a European-sponsored joint-degree program between four founding members. Through time, these founding members had had to adapt to the changing evolution of the legislation in higher learning education, both at national and European levels. In spite of these changes, the founding members committed to continuing a program that they rightfully deemed valuable to the development of intercultural and cross-disciplinary skills for students who aim at a career at the European level and who are willing to combine their linguistic knowledge with a proficiency in applied subjects.
The team of the Applied Foreign Languages training course at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès was invited to join the program in 2016. Considering the wide range of opportunities this program can provide our students of this Bachelor's Degree with, the AFL team welcomed this opportunity and is making every single effort to develop the program. 
This program is for the moment dedicated to students specializing in English (language A) and in Spanish (language B) in the Applied Foreign Languages Bachelor's Degree with two of our current partners, the University of Ghent, in Begium, and the University of Oviedo, in Spain. The Universities of Ghent and Oviedo grant an Exchange Certificate to the students who complete the program.

AEL now and AFL in Toulouse

AEL is a four-year program that involves two years of study abroad during the Bachelor's Degree in Applied Foreign Languages. Following two pre-set learning agreements, determined by the teaching teams of the AFL training course at UT2J, students who selected for the program are to attend courses following the AFL interdisciplinary approach: English, Spanish and Applied Subjects, along the following yearly schedules:

Year 1: UT2J
Year 2: University of Ghent (Belgium)
Year 3: Uinversity of Oviedo (Spain)
Year 4: UT2J

Students enrolled in the program must still apply to the Master's Degree, according to the applicable French legislation.


There are 6 available places for the program in Ghent and in Oviedo. Students apply to the program. When considering the students' applications, the AFL teaching teams take into account the capacity of the students to meet the requirements of our partners in the program.
Students who apply for the program can also apply for scholarships of the Erasmus exchange programs.

Curriculum and learning agreements

Year 2: University of Ghent
Year 3: University of Oviedo (International Economic Affairs)
Year 3: University of Oviedo (International Business)

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